Dynamic Propeller Balancing

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Our in-house team can help balance your propeller. You must pre book this service with us. Please get in touch with our team to discuss this further or find out our workshop availablity.



Proper propeller balancing is key to correcting vibration issues early, helping to prolong the service life of components ranging from the exhaust system, engine mount, and airframe to the cowling, spinner, instruments, and avionics. There are two main types of propeller balancing: static and dynamic.


Static propeller balancing is about bringing the prop in balance with itself so one blade isn’t heavier or lighter than the others. If you have a Hartzell propeller, your prop is statically balanced right here in the factory. Static balancing is also a standard step completed by prop shops after a routine repair or overhaul.

Once installed on the aircraft, the propeller endures significant stresses during flight. This can cause the propeller assembly to come out of balance over time. That’s why, in addition to static balancing, most propellers also benefit from dynamic balancing. 


While not required as part of the overhaul process, many pilots elect to have their propellers dynamically balanced to fine-tune their prop assembly and protect critical components of their aircraft. Dynamic balancing involves using accelerometer sensors to measure the vibration magnitude in IPS (inches per second) the prop/engine system is experiencing while in operation.

This technology allows propeller technicians to pinpoint the angle at which the imbalance exists so they can add (or remove) a small amount of weight to correct the imbalance. The process is repeated until the assembly is balanced. With a high level of precision, dynamic balancing ensures the engine and prop combination is balanced as a whole, making the entire aircraft smooth.


Anytime your propeller comes off the aircraft for service, repair, or overhaul, it’s a good idea to perform dynamic balancing as a preventative measure. Even if everything felt smooth to begin with, we’ve heard many pilots report a noticeable difference in their flight experience after dynamic propeller balancing!