1:500:000 VFR Chart UK Northern England & Northern Ireland- Edition 47 (PREORDER)

(VAT Free)

The CAA 1:500 000 VFR Charts do not show obstacles that are less than 300 ft above ground level and contours lower than 500 ft above mean sea level. All three charts are supplied laminated, which allows for the use of chinagraph markers and increases the durability of the charts.

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CAA 1:500 000 Chart



Produced as part of the CAA chart series, the Northern England & Northern Ireland 1:500 000 chart serves the requirements of VFR in-flight navigation for low speed, short or medium range operations at low and intermediate altitudes. Airspace information up to FL195 and obstacles above 300ft AGL are depicted and meets the ICAO standards and recommended practices as defined in ICAO Annex 4. In addition to aeronautical information, the charts provide hydrographic, topographic, cultural and other visual features compatible with legibility at the scale of the chart this information is supplied by GB Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland. Terrain contours at intervals above 500ft AMSL depicted