Esa systems is working on the development and manufacture of measuring probes with a focus on general aviation and industrial supplies.

With its six red LEDs, the SOTECC canopy flasher is the ideal combination of visibility and efficiency. …because every second counts in a glider, especially at high approach speeds under dark cloud streets.

IMI - Gliding Equipment started the production of equipment for glider pilots at the end of year 2004. After 15 years of experience our aims have been profiled in simple conclusion: everything we do, we try to do the best we can.


We have partnered up with RAM mounts to enable us to provide you with the highest quality RAM mounts and arms to help you place your equipment exactly where you want it in the cockpit.

Here you will find all of the spares you require to keep your trailer working throughout the year.

Is your panel unlabelled or have you lost one of them? Maybe you just want to have some spare stickers, our sticker packs are ideal for relabelling all panels from gliders to general aviation light aircraft. These packs are high quality stickers that will stay stuck on the panel for a long time so you wont need to worry about them falling off any time soon.

Choose from the stickers or embossed labels, the embossed metal labels are our more premium product.