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What’s Tempest’s recommendation for dealing with stuck oil filters? At your next filter change - UPGRADE to Tempest’s patent-pending “non-sticking” SPIN EZ™ aircraft engine oil filters. Tempest’s SPIN EZ filters are designed to come off easy. Heat, time and pressure can extrude oil, grease, DC4® compound or similar liquid lubricants from between a filter’s rubber seal and the filter mount pad - leaving the filter seemingly “bonded” to the engine’s mount pad - and making it nearly impossible to remove. Tempest’s proprietary SPIN EZ adhered solid seal lubricant stays where it’s supposed to - between the seal and the mount pad’s surface. SPIN EZ solid lubricant won’t extrude or squirt out from under the seal. It prevents the bond forming environment that makes legacy filters stick. Avoid frustration. Save time and money. No more messy DC-4 compound. No more stabbed cans. No more busted knuckles. No more bad words. At your next filter change, UPGRADE to state-of-the-art Tempest SPIN EZ oil filters - the filter that comes off without a fight! The only thing stuck now is our competition.


Unit of Measure: EA

  • ECCN: EAR99
  • Weight: 1.33 Pounds
  • Dimensions : 3.65 (L) x 3.65 (W) x 4.45 (H) Inches
  • Packaged Weight: 1.45 Pounds
  • Packaged Dimensions : 3.9 (L) x 3.9 (W) x 5.45 (H) Inches


Tempest Oil Filter
  • 3/4 -16 Female Thread
  • Magnetic Filtration System, attracts fine steel particles to small too small be caught by the filter media that can be harmful to the engine
  • Improved Nut Welds
  • Burst strength of 600 psi
  • SPIN EZ non-stick seal for easy removal
  • Applicable on select models of the following aircraft:
    • Baron
    • Skyhawk
    • Skylane
    • Turbo Stationair
  • For more models view the Tempest Oil Filter Application Guide