Total Energy Probe RUT

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ESA Systems

Every tailboom installed Schleicher glider ASK21, ASW15 -> 20


Display 335 mm
Overall length 365 mm
Weight 17 gr
Material Black Anodized Aluminum
Natural Anodized Aluminum
End piece ST1 8|30 mm
Adapter ST1
Decompression TH



This type of probe is designed for use on the back of the fuselage. The transducer is based on the principle of our current dual-slot transducer and typically delivers a slightly better TE signal than the original Venturi nozzle. However, the use on the fuselage has disadvantages compared to the tail mounting. If possible, a tail mount is preferable. With this end piece, the probe fits into our adapter ST1 or a third-party solution with an inner diameter of 8.1mm.

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