Bronze Private Pilot(A) Starter Kit

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New to learning to fly? We've got a variety of Starter Kits for the PPL(A) that give you everything you need in one go according to your budget!

All of the theoretical knowledge courses in our Starter Kits last for a full 18 months (the period in which you need to complete all of your theroetical exams), so these packages are absolutely ideal to enable you to come back to the material time and time again within that period.

Just LOOK at what you get thats included in this Bronze Private Pilot(A) Starter Kit!

Full Course Access

Includes: full colour graphical course material, progress tests and course exams, and full one to one instructor support

Air Law & ATC Procedures

Operational Procedures

Aircraft General Knowledge

Principles of Flight

Human Performance & Limitations




Flight Performance & Planning


Other Items

We even include the following in this kit that we post to you!

Navigation Flight Log



Access and Support

Access to the products above for 18 months

Unlimited instructor support by email or phone for 18 months

Unlimited access to our unique questions banks for the courses above, including answer explanations for 18 months

Unlimited access to our resource library for the products above for 18 months, containing over 200 publications, documents and articles

FREE automatic Course Completion Certificate for each course above

FREE Exam Readiness Certificate for each course above