Our love for flying drives us to deliver only the finest in aviation products to market. Quality materials and new technologies are the focal point of every product we design because today's pilots deserve much more than what is currently offered in the way of products they wear in the cockpit. LIFT Aviation is bridging the gap and making products that are stronger and lighter you can trust.



The passion we have for flight has inspired not only the birth of our company, but also our company mission statement. LIFT Aviation was founded on the idea of bringing cutting edge innovation and modern technologies into our own iterations of iconic aviation products that pilots have come to know and love to not only enhance their flying experience, but also provide them with stronger and safer products they can rely on from wheels up to wheels down.


While LIFT Aviation is a young company in the aviation industry, we have been developing and testing safety products for over 35 years. LIFT Aviation is the sister company of EVS Sports, a leader in the motocross and action sports industry, who has been designing, testing and producing the best in protective gear for extreme sport athletes for decades. That same team took their expertise and began to delve into the world of personal protective equipment when LIFT Safety began in 2006. Protection has become a priority for workers on job sites all over the world and LIFT Safety has become a premier provider in modern and cutting-edge safety products including hardhats, knee pads, work gloves and more.

The years of knowledge gained in developing protection for today’s extreme sport athletes and construction site workers is now also being used to develop the best in aviation equipment and accessories across all segments of aviation. Innovation is apparent in every product LIFT Aviation provides ranging from our industry first pilot specific designed footwear to our industry leading flight helmets.

Our passion for flight has inspired us to create the best equipment for the best pilots in the world and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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Helmet Bag
Helmet Bag
AV-1.1 KOR Helmet
AV-1.1 KOR Helmet CARBON