Multiprobe DN/3-fold/UN

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ESA Systems


Display 800 mm
Overall length 910 mm
Weight 66 gr
Material Natural Anodized Aluminum
Brass Nickel Plated
Black Anodized Aluminum
End piece UN
Adapter SUN, UN with spacer sleeve
Decompression Total, Statics, TE


A very popular multiprobe that provides very balanced compensation over a wide speed range due to the double TE head. The PD decreases must be aligned horizontally, then the PD head shows a slight but very positionally stable overcompensation (approx. 4%). Total pressure and statics follow the Prandtl geometry. Attention, the end piece must be thinly greased to a length of about 8cm before inserting! This probe must only be tested for leaks by means of vacuum, compressed air destroys the inner tubing!

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