Sotecc ConnectBox

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Dimensions: 70x20x60mm

Power consumption: 100 mA

Weight: approx. 90g



With its six red LEDs, the SOTECC canopy flasher is the ideal combination of visibility and efficiency.…because every second counts in a glider, especially at high approach speeds under dark cloud streets and that's why our partner company Schmepp-Hirth relies on SOTECC to equip all new aircraft.

SOTECC canopy flashers: a proven, reliable system for more safety in gliding and easy to retrofit.

In short.

  • Improved visibility with six powerful red CREE® LEDs
  • Collision warning also for aircraft without FLARM®
  • No impairment of the canopy emergency ejection
  • Kit adapted to the type of aircraft


The ConnectBox retrofix

This retrofit will help ensure you dont forget to turn on the Sotecc canopy strobe by taking control when the switch is set to auto and when it detects you start to move the strobe will start to flash

The ConnectBox V2 allows your glider to increase the flash rate of the strobe when it detects a flarm target allowing you to be seen even more easily, You can use your phone or laptop to control the Sotecc software and configure how you want your flasher to strobe. 

The ConnectBox version comes with a 3 way switch for the panel and displayed the modes: Off-On-Auto.

When the glider is on the ground and not moving the strobe will not flash making it safe when ground handling ensuring that nobody takes a direct flash to the eyes when moving around the front of the aircraft.  


Canopy contact (For installation in gliders with a side hinged canopy)
In the case of folding hoods, it is of elementary importance that in the event of an emergency ejection, it is not blocked by cables or other connections. That's why SOTECC has invested a lot of time in the development of a canopy contact that combines functionality and safety with uncomplicated installation. The package includes a template as well as easy-to-understand installation instructions with many pictures.