Winter 80mm Altimeter

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Winter Instruments Altimeters

 Developed especially for gliding, the 4 FGH 40 (4030 – 4555) altimeter shows absolute altitude and relevant flight level within a range of 0 – 20,000′ or 0 – 10,000 m. The instrument works by measuring the static air pressure using an elastic diaphragm cell (aneroid cell). A rotary knob is provided for the Millibar or HG setting. Altimeters measure static air pressure, which decreases with altitude. The pressure-sensitive measuring element is a diaphragm capsule from which the air has been removed (aneroid capsule), which reacts to the effect of changing air pressure as the aircraft changes altitude. Tempered, aged copper-beryllium diaphragms ensure highly accurate readings. Diaphragm movement is transmitted to the instrument pointers by a linkage and gearwheels – the whole is insensitive to shock and vibration. A bimetal link compensates for the effects of temperature change.


High measuring precisions, temperature compensation, linear dial-gauge-gradations, insensitive to shock and vibration, simple zero adjustment.

Maintenance Instructions

Leak Testing should be carried out at least every 2 years. Otherwise, the instrument does not require any maintenance.

Accompanying Documents

  • New Instrument
    Test certificate EASA Form One, POE
    Installation and maintenance instructions