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Long Softie
Long Softie
Long Softie
Long Softie
Long Softie
Long Softie

Long Softie

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Matching parachute bag
Back cotton sweat pad
Real sheepskin back pad

The conventional harness has a fully adjustable main lift web which permits the harness to be adjusted to fit a wide range of individuals. The harness has connection points on each leg strap and on the chest strap. The leg straps come standard with B-12 snap connectors. As an option, we offer Thread Through Adapters or Quick Ejector snaps on the leg straps. The chest strap comes standard with a Thread Through Adapter. A B-12 snap or a Quick Ejector snap is optional on the chest strap.












High negative-G maneuvers can cause the leg hardware on the Conventional Harness design to dig in causing pain and discomfort. Our unique crossover-style Aerobatic Harness is designed to alleviate this pressure point by moving the leg strap connecting hardware away from the hips. The Aerobatic Harness is attached by having the leg straps pass through high strength soft loops at the hips and then cross over the pilot's front to buckle on the opposite sides of the harness just below the rib cage. This unique design has proven to be very popular with aerobatic pilots.

B-12 Snaps


B-12 Snaps come as standard leg strap hardware on all Softie parachute systems.


Quick Ejector Snaps

$ 125.00

Quick Ejector Snaps allow for fast, easy, one hand disconnection of the harness attach points. Quick ejectors offer a nice convenience, however, it is important to know they are the bulkiest and heaviest of all the connector hardware we offer.


Thread Through Adapters

No Additional Charge

Thread Through Adapters are the flattest and lightest of the connectors we offer. For a pilot that is interested in minimizing weight and bulk, thread through adapters are an excellent choice.

(Please email us if you would like this option)