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Custom Softie

The range of Softies is available with a custom design.

Micro Softie

The Micro Softie is a narrower and shorter version of the Mini Softie. It is designed to fit and stay secure over the shoulders of smaller individuals. The Micro Softie is available in either 180 lb or 240 lb versions.

Mini Softie

The Mini Softie is an extremely small, lightweight and comfortable backpack parachute system designed for use in today's restricted cockpit environments. It is available in either 15" or 16" wide versions. The 16" version is thinner which is ideal for cockpits with limited room fore and aft.

Long Softie

The Long Softie is designed to conform to and maximize the comfort of the contoured seating found in todays high performance gliders and aerobatic aircraft. The Long Softie is available in either 180 lb or 240 lb versions.

Seat Softie

The Seat Softie is a seat pack style parachute system that offers the same comfort and reliability as our other Softie models. The Seat Softie is designed for use in aircraft that simply have no room for a back style parachute. The Seat Softie is available in a number of configurations including: Flat, Wedge and Decathlon/Citabria.