PPL(A) Practical Flight Training Video Lessons Starter Kit

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New to learning to fly? We've got a great starter kit here for the whole set of Practical PPL(A) Flight Training Video Lessons, including our fantastic "Skills Test Preparation" vital information video for student pilots!

This Starter Kit is applicable to: PPL(A), LAPL(A), NPPL(A)

All of the flight video lessons in this Starter Kit last for a full 18 months, so this package is absolutely ideal to enable you to come back to the material time and time again within that period.

Just LOOK at what you get thats included in this Practical Private Pilot(A) Flight Training Video Lessons Starter Kit!

Flight Training Video Lessons

Includes: full colour flight training videos for all of the PPL(A) flight exercises

Practical PPL Flight Training Videos Introduction

Exercise 2 - Part 1
Preparation for and action after flight - (The Walk Around)

Exercise 2 - Part 2
Preparation for and action after flight - (Engine Start)

Exercise 4 - Part 1
Effects of Controls

Exercise 4 - Part 2
Effects of Controls

Exercise 5a & 5b

Exercise 6 - Part 1
Straight & Level

Exercise 6 - Part 2
Straight & Level

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

Exercise 9

Exercise 10a
Slow Flight

Exercise 10b - Part 1

Exercise 10b - Part 2

Exercise 11
Spin Avoidance

Exercise 12 & 13
Take off and climb to downwind position. Circuit, approach and landing

Exercise 12 & 13
Alternative Procedures

Exercise 12 & 13
Circuit Emergencies

Exercise 15
Advanced Turning

Exercise 16
Forced Landing Without Power

Exercise 17
Precautionary Landing

Exercise 18

Exercise 19
Basic Instrument Flight


Vital Information Videos

Includes: full colour videos containing vital information for the student pilot

Skills Test Preparation


Other Items

We even include the following in this kit that we post to you!

Navigation Flight Log



Access and Support

Access to the products above for 18 months

Unlimited instructor support by email or phone for 18 months



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